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Caravan and Motor Home Electrical in Bundaberg


Hansens Auto Electrical can add another level of comfort and style to motor homes, caravans and campers. Recreational Vehicles are Australian tourism's best kept secret.

You can enjoy an unrivalled way of seeing this beautiful country in style - and with our ingenious touches to your RV - your style.

Word about the auto electrical possibilities Hansens Auto Electrical brings to motor homes, caravans and campers has spread throughout Bundaberg and the Wide Bay-Burnett region, making us a leading choice in motor home auto electrical services.

Custom Electrical Fit-Outs


If you've invested hard earned money in a caravan, camper or motor home, then clearly you're a person who has their own sense of style. Why not add to the experience and see what's possible at Hansens Auto Electrical?
We can help make your life on the road better in so many ways. For instance, we can improve your RV's air conditioning and lighting so you are always travelling in comfort.

Inside or outside of your RV, we can install lights so you can enjoy focused light for preparing food or for reading. With easy touch control you'll be able to soften the lights to enjoy absolute serenity. Fluoro glare gone.

Our experienced technicians can install a range of accessories to make your travels effortless and safer - from security accessories to hands-free devices.

Solar panels are cheaper now than ever. We can help reduce your dependence on generator power and avoid running the engine to charge your batteries with a cost effective solar power system.

Whatever your preference, simply pick up the phone and talk to the friendly team in Bundaberg with all the recreational vehicle auto electrical ideas - Hansens Auto Electrical.
Custom Electrical Fit-Outs — Hansens Auto Electrical in Bundaberg, QLD