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Number one Choice for auto electrical Services in bundaberg


Hansens Auto Electrical is the number one choice for auto electrical work in Bundaberg and Queensland's Wide Bay-Burnett region.

Owners of cars, 4WDs and boats know the team of professionals at Hansens has the edge in experience and hands-on expertise. This is certainly true for owners of commercial vehicles, including refrigerated trucks and heavy vehicles (up to 10-15 ft), as well as those reliant on agricultural machinery, including tractors, harvesters, picking machines and sprayers.

Electronic Diagnosis


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Electronic Diagnosis — Hansens Auto Electrical in Bundaberg, QLD

Air Conditioning


Hansens Auto Electrical can give your vehicle's air conditioning system a new lease of life.

Re-gassing is often the booster shot your air-con needs to bring back its capacity for ice cold relief from the searing temperatures and steamy roads around Bundaberg.

Our auto electricians are among the most experienced and switched-on professionals you'll find anywhere in Queensland. They can quickly give your air conditioner filters and pipes a clean bill of health to make sure the system is functioning to optimum capacity.

If you're disappointed with your vehicle's existing air conditioning unit, Hansens can even replace it for you. Our auto air conditioning workshop is always ready to make improvements to any vehicle brought to us.
Auto Air Conditioning — Hansens Auto Electrical in Bundaberg, QLD



The technicians at Hansens Auto Electrical are the experts in automotive accessories and can advise you on the best products to suit your needs.

A good sound system is one accessory that makes time in traffic more enjoyable and provides a pleasant distraction from road rage. We can fit your new sound system for you, taking care to insulate the unit so that signal interference from the engine does not occur.

Mobile phone hands-free accessories, GPS devices, electronic parking aids and dashboard and rear-window video cameras can also be installed by our ingenious auto electricians.

If you're about to buy an accessory for your vehicle, please feel free to call us for advice. When it comes to deciding what's best for your particular circumstances, you can benefit from our wealth of experience. We also offer professional installation so you avoid the risk of avoid damaging your vehicle's electrical circuits.
Accessories — Hansens Auto Electrical in Bundaberg, QLD



Hansens Auto Electrical knows all there is about automotive lights. We have ready access to a wide range of lighting products for cars, 4WDs, commercial vehicles, boats, trailers, heavy transport and industrial and agricultural machinery.

Our experienced team of auto electricians can repair or replace damaged or malfunctioning lighting components or install new lights on your vehicle or heavy equipment. This includes tractors and harvesters.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your exact needs for lights of any kind for your vehicle, boat or large machinery.
Car Lights — Hansens Auto Electrical in Bundaberg, QLD



If you're in Bundaberg and need a replacement battery for your car, 4WD, commercial vehicle or boat, drop in and see the team at Hansens Auto Electrical. We are conveniently located in Walla Street and our experienced auto-electricians can quickly test your battery to check if its performance can be relied upon.

If you require a new battery, we stock a wide range of batteries from the most reputable suppliers. Our workshop carries Delkor, Fullriver and Interstate Batteries, ensuring we can fit batteries for motorhomes, high-end gel batteries and solar batteries. If you need AGM batteries to suit vehicles with Start-stop technology, let Hansens know.

Anything out of the ordinary would entail only a quick phone call to our suppliers before it arrives promptly, ready for us to install and properly dispose of your old battery.

At Hansens, Four-Wheel drivers will also be interested in our knowledge and experience in installing dual battery systems.
Batteries — Hansens Auto Electrical in Bundaberg, QLD

Solar Panel Systems


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Solar Panel Systems — Hansens Auto Electrical in Bundaberg, QLD